Huashun heavy industry carried out integrity management in an all-round way
Update time:2021-12-11

In order to effectively create a harmonious and mutual aid enterprise development environment and stimulate employees to form a work style of dedication and love for their posts, compliance with regulations and disciplines and mutual assistance, Huashun heavy industry group has implemented employee integrity management since March 2021 in response to the call of relevant departments, and has achieved initial results.



Employees' integrity management evaluates employees' behavior from the aspects of ideology and morality, love and dedication, civilized behavior, unity and cooperation and compliance with professional ethics, encourages, discovers and praises all positive energy behaviors, and effectively combines daily management such as safety production and behavior norms with integrity work in combination with the company's operation characteristics.

In order to make this work truly effective and effective, the chairman of the company personally served as the leader of the integrity work leading group, established a credit conference, formulated a perfect management mechanism, conducted in-depth explanation and training to all employees within the company, signed letters of commitment, established personal integrity files, and created a strong "integrity" culture within the company. The company's employees responded positively and actively participated. Since the implementation of integrity work, the company's employee code of conduct and safety production operation specification have been significantly improved, the communication and coordination of various departments have been smoother, and the atmosphere of actively carrying out good deeds has gradually formed. This work has attracted the attention of Dawenkou Industrial Park, Daiyue district, Tai'an City. The development of integrity management of Huashun heavy industry has been broadcast in Daiyue news and urban news of Tai'an County.

We believe that through the promotion of integrity management, a good atmosphere of employee integrity, enterprise trustworthiness and social trust will be formed. Make outstanding contributions to enterprise growth and social progress.


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