What should I do if the steel sheet pile is tilted?
Update time:2021-12-11

1. During the construction of steel sheet piles, the conditions encountered are rapidly changing, and the soil is also one of the uncertain factors. If the steel sheet piles encounter some different soils to produce frictional resistance during the construction, then the construction of the steel sheet piles The position will shift.

2. However, if there are no protective measures during construction, almost all the steel sheet piles are in a tilted state during construction, and once a tilt occurs, it is very important to pull out the steel sheet piles. Difficult, not only will it take a long time, but there will also be stubbing.

3. Simply put, the steel sheet piles that have been built next to it will also be brought out. After all, when the steel sheet piles are taken out, there is no need to support the friction of the soil. During construction, the first method to be adopted is to use pile frame construction. During construction, the vibrating hammer is fixed on a pile frame that can move up and down freely.

4. Then control the vertical angle problem through the pile frame guide rail. This construction method is more popular in Europe, and the efficiency after construction is very high, and it can also save labor and time. In the end, a lot of costs can be saved, and even the phenomenon of piles will not occur.