Establish an enterprise with a clear mind, and the warrior is always strong On site training of Huatong 369 corporate culture
Update time:2022-03-02

Look up to the light of Weiye, forge the original intention of hard work,

Experience the way of inaction and understand the law of nature.

Carry forward the art of business, be familiar with business thinking, Gather the soul of warriors and forge the Iron Army of Huatong.

Take the ancients as a mirror, be clear-minded and virtuous, take courage as the ambition, and build the soul with a strong foundation. A ten-year enterprise relies on operation, a century-old enterprise relies on culture. Huatong Holdings, which is determined to build a century-old enterprise, inherits and carries forward the thoughts of ancient sages and sages, and forms a Huatong corporate culture system with 369 as the core.

3 refers to the Three Dukes, the three ancient sages, Chairman Mao Zedong, Taoist Laozi, Tao Zhugong Fan Li. 69  is the warrior spirit that all Huatong people take "the courage to take responsibility, move forward bravely, and climb the peak bravely" as the ideological core. The 369 culture means that Huatong 69 Warriors take the "three standings" of the three public hearts, the body and the foundation as the ideological guidance, forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and promote the rapid, steady and sustainable development of Huatong Holdings.

Gather cultural consensus and promote team strength. In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, guide all employees to form the correct value orientation and cultural orientation, and condense the positive energy of "one heart and one morality, co-creation and sharing", recently, the administrative and human resources department of Huashun Heavy Industry Group organized all employees to communicate with each other in the form of video. 369 cultural system to do special training and on-site assessment.

The training session elaborated on the connotation of 369's corporate culture, explained the warrior spirit of Huatong people of "having the courage to take responsibility, forge ahead, and climb the peak bravely", and discussed in combination with actual cases.

Through this training, all employees of Huashun Heavy Industry have a further understanding of the essence of 369 corporate culture. In the future work, we will closely focus on the core of 369 culture, promote the healthy development of the enterprise with the thought of San Gong as the guiding lighthouse, and use the 69 warriors as sailors to make the enterprise run steadily and far, with a sense of responsibility, mission and strong execution as the The company develops a new course, increases scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, production and sales in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and strives to create high-strength and high-precision square and rectangular tubes, long-span wave web H-beams and other cold-formed profiles to become the leader in the cold-formed steel industry enterprise.


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