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Technology Research Institute
Update time:2021-12-27

Shandong Huashun heavy industry group metal material forming and intelligent control technology industry research institute is a technology R & D platform with enterprise-themed, market-oriented, production workshop-based, combining production, learning and research, integrating research, experiment, development, introduction and technology transformation, that maks full use of various advantageous resources and giving full play to the benefits of talents.

The company has established the Management Committee of the Technology Research Institute, with a dedicated technical center office, under which there are production, learning, research centers, metal materials testing centers, computer information centers, new process development and intelligent control molding centers, LAN information centers, new product R&D centers, Institutions such as technical training centers.

The Research Institute of the company has more than 30 sets of cold and hot forming test lines, of which the 36000 ton full-automatic pressure forming machine test line is a precision equipment independently developed by the enterprise and intelligently controlled in the forming process. The wave web H-beam test line introduces German technology, forming intelligent control, robot automatic welding, high welding strength and beautiful welded seams.

The laboratory of the Research Institute of the company has independent legal personality, fair and impartial testing and experiment, more than 60 sets of experimental equipment and 16 technical testing personnel.

The Research Institute of the company is composed of experts, professors, companies, engineers, assistant engineers, various technicians and backbone forces of the cooperative unit. The general manager of the company serves as the director of the Management Committee of the Research Institute, and the members of the management committee are related to technology, equipment, electricity, quality, etc. They disseminate R & D concepts and technologies, and provide technical guidance to the Research Institute.





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