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Perfect Testing Methods
Update time:2021-12-26

The testing equipment currently owned by the center includes: radioactive source r1928, Se75&gamma ray flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness measurement, portable magnetic particle flaw detector, mobile magnetic particle flaw detector, flaw detector, heat treatment equipment; electronics Tensile testing machine, Charpy pendulum low-temperature impact testing machine, spark source atomic spectrum analyzer, impact test notch projector, impact test notch electric broaching machine, impact test low temperature groove, digital display Rockwell hardness tester, spectral grinding prototype, infrared Carbon and sulfur analyzer, small load Vickers hardness tester, portable Vickers hardness tester, etc.


Finished product specification verification


On-line non-destructive testing of welds


Welding quality inspection


Raw material inspection


Technologists conduct research


Mechanical testing of scientific and technical personnel

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